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The Flag of Hiiumaa

It's created by FranceSwitzerland. He has white skin with blue eyes and brown hair. His ears and mouth are small. His eyes are big. His nose is very small.

If you activate the Power Button, Hiiumaa transforms into a light house keeper. The stadium is full with dark. Only Hiiuuma and the ball have a light, the opponent doesn't has a light.

Power ShotsEdit

Hiiumaa has 2 Power Shots and 1 Counter Attack.

Mosquitos Shot (Ground Shot) Edit

On the side of Hiiumaa appears a big light house with thousand of mosquitos in opposite of the light. One second later, Hiiumaa put the light down. Then all the mosquitos go to the opponent. If the opponent touches one mosquito, the mosquito sticks the opponent of Hiiumaa. If the opponent touches more than one hundred mosquitos, he will be dead for 4 seconds. The last mosquito has the ball and flies in the opponent of Hiiumaa's goal. After this Power Shot happened, the opponent of Hiiumaa is under the mosquito bites. 

Light House Shot (Air Shot) Edit

On the side of Hiiumaa appears a big Light house. Hiiumaa throws three balls to the opponent, one in light and two in the dark. The first ball throws Hiiumaa in the light. After the first ball Hiiumaa put down the light and throws the other two balls. If the opponent touches one ball he is unconscious for 2 seconds. The balls in this Power Shot are not visible.

Bat Shot (Counter Attack) Edit

On the side of Hiiumaa appears a big light house. Hiiumaa open the light to the opponent goal. Then there comes a bat with the ball. The bat follows the light and goes in the opponent's goal. If the opponent touches the bat the bat eats the opponent and flies in the net. The only way to stop this Counter Attack is to upgrade you kick to max and kick against the Light house to change the light and so follows the bat a other way and not to your goal.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

Win in Arcade against all characters before Hiiumaa 100 times.


Hiiumaa wears a light hat. If the opponent stands before this hat, he will be ash for 3 seconds. This is an SS Rank Costume.


  • Hiiumaa is an island western of Estonia and northern of Saaremaa.
  • One of the oldest light houses in the world is located on the Island Hiiumaa.