Honduras flag
General informations
Full name Honduras
Character number 83
Stars 5
Power Shot(s) Pitate shot, Waterfall shot, River shot
Unlock Requirements Win all 57 characters in arcade with 30 characters or pay for 8,200,000 points
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He Has oily black hair, with tan skin and sunglasses. When he activates his powershot he will get a straw hat and his sunglasses will become like Nepal's. Every 5 seconds he pushes a wave of water to the opponent. He will be the 83rd character.

Power ShotsEdit

Honduras has 3 powershots. One in the air, one on the ground and a special counter attack.

Pirate shot (air shot)Edit

The stadium transforms into a beach, with water on the side of Honduras and sand on the side of the opponent. Then, a pirate ship comes and Honduras jumps on it. The pirate ship shoots a lot of cannonballs quickly to the opponent, pushing him back, and only stops when the powershot ends. Then a giant cannonball is fired from the ship and if the opponent is hit he turns into ash for 5 seconds. The ball is in the giant cannonball.

Waterfall shotEdit

A dry waterfall comes on the side of Honduras. Then, Honduras jumps on the top of the waterfall and yells 'Rush!' After that, water flows down the waterfall and pushes the opponent away into his own goal. The water does nothing else but push the opponent back. Then, 5 salmon will jump down the waterfall and swim to the opponent. Each salmon has a ball and if the opponent is hit by the last salmon he gets eaten for 4 seconds.

River shotEdit

A river appears in the stadium and water rises to the height of the goalpost. The opponent and Honduras are not affected by the water. Honduras' goalpost then turns into a big rock and he jumps on it. Then, 7 pieces of rocks float quickly towards the opponent's goal. Each piece of rock has a ball and if the opponent is hit by the last piece of rock he disappears for 4 seconds. After the powershot, the goalpost turns back to normal.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

Win all 57 characters in arcade with 30 characters or pay for 8,200,000 points.


Honduras wears the airplane hat.


  • There are many rivers and waterfalls in Honduras. That's the reason for the powershots.
  • There are also many beaches in Honduras, which used to be havens for pirates.

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