Iceland (made by XFighter9000)
General information
Name Iceland
1280px-Flag of Iceland.svg
Character number Unknown
Stars 5
Power shots Geyser Shot, Volcano Shot and Firestone Shot
Unlock Requirements Win the Minor League Final against Iceland with more than 10 goals as him.
Costume Volcano Costume
Idea creator FranceSwitzerland

Another possible appearance for Iceland

Appearance Edit

Iceland is a Character Idea by FranceSwitzerland and he wants him in Head Soccer. He has brown hair with a smiling face. He has a mustache, a beard, blue eyes, a big nose, a small mouth and small ears.

When you click on the Power Button of Iceland, he will become very hot and Iceland's head will transform into a volcano. It shoots a big lava rain towards the opponent. When the opponent touches this, he will become ash for 5 seconds, making it easy for Iceland to score.

Power Shots Edit

Iceland has 2 Power Shots and a Counter Attack.

Geyser Shot (Ground Shot) Edit

A geyser will appear in the front of the goal by the opponent. The geyser will burst out. A lot of steam will go onto the opponent and push him back. A stream will appear causing the water to flow to the opponent's goal with the ball. When the opponent touches the water he will disappear for 5 seconds. The ball will then softly fall on the ground and Iceland can simply kick it in the goal. The geyser will disappear.

Volcano Shot (Air Shot)Edit

A volcano will appear on the side of Iceland. Later the volcano will burst out. Afterwards, 5 stones will come out of the volcano. The stones will head to the goal, like Canada's Power Shot. The first 4 stones try to touch the opponent. The last stone has the ball and goes into the net. If you knock a fire stone you will be burnt for 5 seconds and will be unable to block the other stones. The volcano will later disappear.

Firestone Shot (Counter Attack)Edit

A very fast volcanoe arrives that comes in from the left side and bursts. The ball is somewhere in the lava. If you touch the ball you will burn. The lava also pushes you

Costume Edit

Iceland wears a Volcano Costume. It looks like a volcano horizontally on the head of Iceland. It shoots the whole time and fires at the opponent, which makes his opponent walk reversed for 5 seconds. Its a SS Rank Costume.

  • Kick +4
  • Speed +6
  • Jump +3
  • Power +5
  • Dash +5

Unlock Requirements Edit

Win the Minor League final against Iceland with more then 10 goals than Iceland or you must pay him for 7,300,000 points.

Trivia Edit

  • Iceland is an island because it has no borders. West of it lies Greenland. East of it lies Faroe Islands and Norway.
  • There are a lot volcanoes in Iceland. That is the reason of the Air Shot and Counter Attack.
  • There are also a lot of geysers in Iceland so that's why it is in the Ground Shot.