White skin,black hair,big nose,small ears and a serious face expresion.When his powerbar is charged,he will turn into a burning magma-skined man.The opponent can't get close to him at all,or else he will get Brazil's powershot effect and pushed back for 7 seconds.Iceland will be able to throw 3 fireballs (all at the same time) every 7 seconds wich can give the opponent Brazil's effect for 8 seconds.

Power ShotsEdit

Volcano Shot (Air Shot) Edit

He will yell:"VOOOLACAAAANOOO!!!".Then,a big volcano will appear on his side.Then,a lot of lava will start going out of it and Iceland will shout:"LAVA!!!".The lava will slowly start to spill into the opponent's goal.Somwhere in the lava there is the ball.If the opponent touches the lava,he will turn into ashes for 7-8 seconds.

Fireballs Shot (Ground Ahot) Edit

He will say:"FIREBALL".Then the volcano will appear again.Then,it will shoot out 6 big fireballs into the air.Then,all of the fireballs will be shooten out in a direction like United Kingdom.Two of the fireballs contain the ball.Those 2 fireballs can make the opponent explode and dissapear for 6-7 seconds.The other fireballs can make the opponent dizzy for 3 seconds,but they will still make a very small explosion on the opponent.

Big Fireball Shot (Counter Attack) Edit

He will yell:"BIGGER!!!".Then,the volcano will appear again and it will shoot out a very big fireball into the air.Then,the big fireball will fall on the opponent from the top of the screen (simmilar to Thailand's ground shot).It will make him explode and dissapear for 7-8 seconds.

Unlock requirements Edit

Win against X (that means the developer will decide how much) characters in arcade in a sudden death.


It's a cannon costume.Every 7 seconds,it will shoot out a big cannonball at the opponent wich will make him explode and disappear for 3 seconds.


  • In Iceland,there are a lot of volcanos so that's why they're in the powershots.
  • When Iceland says FIREBALL,he says it in a way in a John Ryan way,wich is a refrence to the popular song "Fireball".
    2000px-Light Blue Flag of Iceland.svg

    The flag of Iceland.

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