Illuminati is a character with short blond hair, small eyes, small mouth with a big nose and a happy appearance, and he also has a black hood that is removed when you turn the power shot on or when the opponent kicks iluminati. When the power bar is complete universe (the name When you activate the Power Button) is active and it starts to fly very low creating a burst driving out the opponent in the air for 2 seconds as it Nigerian power shot and then I stun everybody who its close to him every 8 seconds (like Hong Kong Nun Chucks)

Power Shots Edit

Triple Eye Shot (Air Shot) Edit

When you use the shot in the air to get the triple eye shot, he says: "Eye!" and then three eyes appear, each in the centre of a triangle, one is above the goal zone and pulls a laser down, the second eye is 45 degrees diagonally from the middle of the football field and the third is from the middle of the field pointing straight bow (like the power of the robot undamaged) and all release a laser to the position of goal zone, each containing a ball and everyone becomes a goal (like the power of Uruguay or Luxembourg) but the real ball is in the third eye, if the opponent blocks the power it disappears from the map by five seconds.

Life Shot (Ground Shot) Edit

When you use the Power shot from the ground, he says: Life and appears the earth with the size of the goal zone and the illuminati going backwards in the half-court line, (it contains the ball inside the planet) the earth is above the illuminati and throws him into the opponent's goal zone, if the opponent blocks the powerful shot, the opponent is ejected into space and flies into the sky for four seconds.

The Illuminati Counter Attack Edit

He says 'eternal' and launches the moon from the corner of the map and falls to the opponent`s goal zone if I block it, the opponent explodes and disappears.

Unlock Requirements Edit

You have to unlock him by winning the Major League without moving left or right with five characters.

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