Flag of Indonesia.svg

The Flag of Indonesia

Indonesia has a white skin with red tattoos. He has a long brown hair and glowing green eyes. When he powers up, he wears a green anti-radiation helmet with a bucket of radio chemical that he throw to the opponent.

Power ShotsEdit

Air Power Shot: Radioactive Shot Edit

Indonesia jumps in the air and shoots 3 radioactive balls, each ball can change the opponent's controls when it hits the opponent. When 2 first ball doesn't score a goal, the last ball will make an explosion. Using this shot will cause you to lose your current hat.

Ground Power Shot: Radioactive Cannon Shot Edit

Indonesia jumps to a huge cannon with the ball, and the cannon shoots a great radioactive beam and shoot the ball, similar to Mon-K's counter attack. 

Counter Attack: Radio Blast Edit

Indonesia says: "Take this!" and kicks the ball to the ground and the ball goes underground to the bottom of the opponent and exploding under the opponent making the opponent disappear.

Unlock Requirements Edit

Win the Head Cup with more than 80 goals or unlock for 6,800,000 points.


Indonesia wears a little greenish-yellow mask with a radioactive symbol on it, this costume adds +1 for Dash and +3 for Jump. In arcade mode, Indonesia also wears a little hat with a chainsaw on it. The chainsaw will hit opponent sometimes and knocking out the opponent for 2 seconds.


  • Indonesia is the third South-East Asian character in this game after Singapore and Thailand