Appearance Edit

He has brown eyes, his skin is brown, small ears, normal angry mouth, small noise and blue hair like Germany.

Power shots Edit

Giant Chicken Shot (Air Shot) Edit

His air shot is Giant Chicken Shot. He screams "CHICKEN SHOT". Then a giant chicken appears from the sky and stings the opponent and then the chicken throws out a ball from it's mouth and then the Iraq 3 shoots. If the opponent does not counter the Power Shot he will be unconscious.

Giant Rooster Shot (Ground Shot) Edit

His ground shot is Giant Rooster Shot. He screams "ROOSTER SHOT" . Then a  giant rooster runs to the opponent and shoot him to his end. The opponent will stay in the net for five seconds. If the opponent doesn't counter the Power Shot he will be pushed to the net.

Big Egg Shot (Counter Attack)  Edit

His counter attack is Big Egg Shot. He screams "EGG SHOT". Then  he takes a big egg and throws it very strong to the opponent. If the opponent doesn't counter he will unconscious for 3 seconds.

Unlock Requirements Edit

Win five tournaments without power and dash or with 750.000.000


A costume with a magically stick make it dissapear the opponent for three seconds. This is the Ss rank costume.






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