Flag of the Isle of Man.svg

The Flag of Isle of Man


Its a Character Idea of FranceSwitzerland. Isle of Man has red hair with happy face. He has a small mouth, a big nose, small green eyes and small ears. He has also a big mustache.

When you activate his Power Button, he will transform in a fisher. There comes a lot of fishes, who knock the opponent away from them.

Power ShotsEdit

Isle of Man has 2 Power Shots and a Counter Attack.

Jellyfish Shot (Ground Shot)Edit

Isle of Man will have a fishing rod. There comes a water pool and Isle of Man goes fishing. He will grab 3 jellyfishes. The Jellyfishes goes horizontally together to the opponent's goal. One of the jellyfishes has the ball. When you touch one of the jellyfishes, you will under the current for 5 seconds.

Sperm Whale Shot (Air Shot)Edit

Isle of Man will again have a fishing rod. There comes a water pool and Isle of Man goes again fishing. He will grab a big sperm Whale. The Sperm Whale will open his mouth and there flying a lot fishes to the opponent. The fishes push the opponent back. Later there comes water out of the air duct of the Sperm Whale. The ball is in the water. The water will splash in the goal of the opponent. When the opponent touches the water, he falls in a water pool and drows. 5 seconds later the opponent is back on the field.

Shark Shot (Counter Attack)Edit

Now there come 3 sharks swimming in the underground. They will all jump in the air, but not all on the same time. One of the sharks have the ball. When you touch a shark he will eat you. Then you are disappeared for 5 seconds. Then it's a 100% goal, because the other sharks can free swim to the opponent's goal.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

Play 1200 matches in Arcade or you must pay him for 11,600,000 points.


Isle of Man has a fishing rod costume. Its a fishing rod who goes to the opponent and grab him. When the opponent is grabbed, he will hang in the air for 5 seconds. It's an SS Rank Costume.


  • Isle of Man is an island in Europe. It lies between United Kingdom and Ireland.
  • Isle of Man is a fishing island, that's why he is a fisher.