He has withe skin, blonde hair, yellow eyes and an angry face expression. When his powerbar is charged, he will turn into a motorcycle rider and he will have a motorcycle helmet with dark visor. He will also throw a bouncy motorcycle tire that can squish the opponent every for 5 seconds like Asura every 7 seconds.

Power ShotsEdit

Moto-dash shot (Ground Shot) Edit

He will quickly teleport away and he will reappear on a motorcycle on his side. Then he will start the engine and he will drive into the opponent's goal so fast, that an orange aura (like South Korea's only more transparent) will appear on him. Isle of Man will push the opponent into his own goal as he drives and when the opponent crashes into his own goal he will explode.

Motorcycle tires shot (Air Shot) Edit

He will teleport away and reappear on the motorcycle again. This time, there will be a small jump slope on the middle of the field. He will drive on it and he will jump into the air. Then, while he's in the air, everything will go slow motion and everything will move slower even Isle of Man himself. Then, while in slow motion, he will shoot out 3 tieres, 2 into the opponent and the last one into the opponent's goal. The first two tires will make the opponent dizzy for 3 seconds (like Luxembourg) and the last one will squish him (like Asura for 6 seconds). When the first two tires hit the opponent, or just bounce away if he dodges them, there will be no longer slow motion. Also, when he jumps, he makes a flip.

Moto-jump shot (Counter Attack) Edit

He will do the same thing like in the Air shot, but this time, the jump slope will be much slower,and there will be no slow motion. He will jump into the opponent's goal (he always jumps above the opponent) and if the opponent touches it, he will explode and disappear for 6 seconds.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

Win the 1st place in Head Cup without dash, kick and Power Shot at the same time or Unlock x (that means the developer will decide how much) Points.


It's a plant costume. It looks similar to Luxembourg's giant plant. Every 6 seconds, it will eat the opponent and then spit him out into his own goal after 2 seconds. When the opponent is gets out, he will have Hong Kong's Air Shot effect.

  • Kick +3
  • Speed +2
  • Jump +4
  • Power +3
  • Dash +2


  • Isle of Man is very famous for it's TT motorcycle races so that's why motorcycles are in the Power Shot.
    Isle of Man Flag

    The Flag of Isle of Man.

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