Made by CroatiaSoccer.


He has short blonde hair, white skin, green eyes, a big nose and a serious face expression. When his power bar is charged, he will turn into a mechanic and he will throw big gears at the opponent every 6-7 seconds which will make the opponent dizzy (5-6 seconds).

Power Shots.Edit

Mecha-Robo Laser Machinegunner Shot (Air shot)Edit

A huge robot will appear and Istria will jump in it. Then the giant robot will point at the opponent's goal with it's hands (he has machine guns for arms) and it will shoot out 50 red lasers at the opponent's goal. One laser has the ball and it will make the opponent turn into ashes for 6-7 seconds. The lasers also push the opponent back into his own goal.

Robotic Rocket Blaster Shot (Ground shot) Edit

The robot will appear again,this time it will try to get the opponent with a laser light pointer (red).Then, it will blink and the robot will shoot out 3 missiles at the opponent (each one is behind each other and they are all shooting out at the same time).The first two will explode and make the opponent dizzy for 0.5 second. The last one will make him explodes and disappears for 5-6 seconds.

Robotic Fist Launch Shot (Counter Attack) Edit

The robot will appear again and it will shoot out it's two fists from it's arms. The first one will push the opponent into his own goal and make him dizzy for 4 seconds and the second one will make him explode and disappear for 5-6 seconds.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

Win the 1st Place in Head Cup by scoring correctly 50 goals.


It's a Darth Vader Mask.Every 7 seconds, it's eyes will go red for a second and it will electrify the opponent (like Colombia's costume,only blue) for 4 seconds.It is basically undodgable, so it's very powerful. And if the opponent tries to knock it off, a red light saber will strike him and the opponent will turn int ashes for 3 seconds.

Kick +3

Speed +5

Jump +2

Power +4

Dash +2


Zastava 03

The flag of Istria.

Istria is a Tribal state in Croatia.

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