Appearance Edit

Flag of Côte d'Ivoire
It's created by FranceSwitzerland. Ivory Coast has black skin and hair. He has a brown beard and big, blue eyes.

If you click on the Power Button, Ivory Coast will transform into a Banana Breeder. There will be many bananas and if his opponent touches a banana, he will be under the banana for 2 seconds.

Power Shots Edit

Ivory Coast has two Power Shots and 1 Counter Attack:

Banana Tree Shot (Air Shot)Edit

Ivory Coast's Air Shot is called Banana Tree Shot. The stadium transforms into a jungle with a banana tree on the side of Ivory Coast. In the banana tree hangs a bunch of bananas. Ivory Coast climbs in the tree and throws 3 bananas to the opponent. In the last banana is the ball. If you touch the last banana you're under the bananas for 4 seconds.

Banana Plantation Shot (Ground Shot) Edit

Ivory Coast's Ground Shot is called Banana Plantation Shot. The stadium transforms into a Banana Plantation with a the conveyor belt in the middle. On the conveyor belt are tons of Bananas. Ivory Coast presses a button, which turns the conveyor belt to max speed. All the bananas come at the opponent. 1 second later there comes a banana with the ball and the ball moves towards the goal.

Banana Shot (Counter Attack) Edit

Ivory Coast's Counter Attack is called Banana Shot. The stadium transforms again in a Banana Plantation. Ivory Coast Picks up a banana and throws the banana to the opponent. If you touch the banana you're under the bananas for 4 seconds.

Unlock Requirements Edit

Win the Head Cup with more than 70 goals, or pay 3,500,000 points.

Costume Edit

Ivory Coast wears a Banana Shooter hat. This is an SS Rank costume that fires bananas at the opponent every 4 seconds.


  • Ivory Coast is a country in North West Africa. It has borders with Liberia, Guinea, Burkina Faso, Mali and Ghana.

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