It's a Character Idea by FranceSwitzerland.
Svalbard and Jan Mayen Island by Nederbird

The Flag of Jan Mayen


Jan Mayen will have blonde hair with a smiling face. He will also have a big nose, big mouth, small blue eyes and small ears.

When you click on his Power Button, Jan Mayen will transform in Jan Jacobsz May van Schellinkhout. This was a Dutch explorer where Jan Mayen was named through. He will jump a whale on the opponent and eats him if he touches it.

Power ShotsEdit

Jan Mayen has 2 Power Shots and a Counter Attack.

Lava Shot (Ground Shot)Edit

On the background comes the volcano Beerenberg and burst out. A lot of lava will float to the opponent. There are also some pieces of stones between the lava. The opponent can jump on the stones. Later, Jan Mayen smashes a rock in the opponent's goal. If the opponent touches the stone he becomes ash for 5 seconds.

Volcanic Rocks Shot (Air Shot)Edit

Behind Jan Mayen, the volcano Beerenberg will appear and will burst out again. Later, there comes 10 stones to the opponent goal. When the opponent touches a stone he becomes ash for 5 seconds. In one of the stones is the ball and that stone will always end in the goal of Jan Mayen's opponent.

Lava River Shot (Counter Attack)Edit

There will come a lava river with stones inside. The stones pushes the opponent up. In a little stone, the ball is sitting. When the opponent touches the stone with the ball he become ash again for 5 seconds.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

To unlock Jan Mayen you have to play 10 days on Head Soccer. This is the exact time for everything you play in Head Soccer. This time can be seen by your stats. You can also pay him for 12,700,000 points.


Jan Mayen wears a Volcano costume. The Volcano will burst out and there will fall 3 fire stones on the opponent. When the opponent touches a fire stone, his walk will be reversed for 5 seconds. This is an SS Rank Costume.


  • Jan Mayen is an island between Iceland and Svalbard.
  • In Jan Mayen there is a volcano called Beerenberg. This is an active volcano. That's the reason why his Power Shots have all to do with volcanoes.