The flag of Jedi.


The Jedi is not a real character. He has brown Jedi robes with a hood.

Power ShotEdit

Jedi's got 2 power shots and a counter attack.

(Before damaged)The Blaster Shot. Edit

A gunship will appear over the Jedi and fire some laser bolts which will stun the opponent before firing a missile that contains the ball towards the center of the goal. If the Jedi is on the fourth of the field closest to the opponents's goal, the lasers will miss, but the missile will still hit the goal.

(Damaged)The Saber Shot. Edit

Jedi will spin with a blue lightsaber and fly towards the goal. If he hits the opponent he (the opponent) will explode then fall from the sky a couple seconds later, giving the Jedi an easy goal.

Counter attack: The Force Shot. Edit

Jedi will shoot a giant hand a little way, then the opponent will fly back into the goal and reappear in a couple seconds.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

Get these achievements against the Jedi:

  • Sudden Death
  • Don't concede a goal
  • Win by 10 goals
  • Win 10 times
  • Win without dash

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