He has blue hair, has a devious smile and has a very cool sunglasses, which can be taken of like Netherlands' shades. He is a 5 star opponent in the arcade.

Power shotsEdit

When the power shot button is activated, he will transform into a Formula 1 racer and every 3 seconds he will throw wheels at his opponent which he will be flattened to the ground just like Asura's power shot effect. It will cause any costume he is wearing to drop.

Air shot:The shot is called The Flag off shot. He will have a Formula 1 car, he will board it. After a slight delay, the car will accelerate quickly into his opponent. The front of the car carries the ball. When he blocks, he will be run over by 3 Formula 1 cars and he will disappear.

Ground shot: The ground shot is called The Pit stop shot, he yells "PIT STOP REQUIRED!!!" he will board on his Formula one car as usual, he will change tires, the changed tires will be flung to his opponent, making him unconsious, the last tire carries the ball. If the opponent blocks, he will groan in pain then he will again be run over by Johor's F1 car.

Counter attack: Again he gets his F1 car, boards on it and all four wheels have tire guns, they will shoot large amounts of tires, the last tire that shoots out has the ball. If he blocks, he will be rammed off screen.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

Win the Head Cup without kick and jump with 20 characters or pay 6,400,000 points.



The flag of Johor


Johor's F1 car


He wears the Shuriken cannon. It is an SS rank costume.

If you want to see my Idea of the Shuriken cannon, click on the link above.

Idea by Truston609

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