The flag of Karlovac.


White skin, blonde curly hair, blonde moustache, green eyes and a serious (but not angry) face expression. When his Power Button is activated, he will gain a big hussar hat and he will shoot out a big bullet out of his old shotgun wich can knock out the opponent. Then he will attack with his saber every 7 seconds.It can powerfuly hurt the opponent.

Power ShotsEdit

Shotgun shot (Ground Shot) Edit

He will yell:"ATTACK!!!".Then, he will pull out a big gun (big shotgun with two pipes): Then he will shoot out a big long-ranged bullet within a yellow aura (like South Korea,only more expressed) at the opponent from it. If the opponent touches it, he will roll back into his own goal,explode (like Romania, only with black dust) and disappear for 6 seconds.

Saber shot (Air Shot) Edit

He will yell:"SABERS!". Then he will throw 5 sabers (one by one) at the opponent (wich are spining around).They can give the opponent South Korea's powershot effect for 3. One of the sabers has the ball.

Arrows shot (Counter Attack) Edit

He will yell:"BOW AND ARROW!".Then he will gain a bow and he will shoot out 3 arrows at the opponent (all at the same time, one lower, one straight and one upper).One arrow is green and it has the ball.The other two arrows can knock out the opponent for 3 seconds adn the green one gives him Nigeria's Power Shot effect.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

Win th 1st place in Head Cup whitout dash,jump and Power Shot.


It is the lightining costume.Every 8 seconds it will send a lighningbolt up into the air.After 3 seconds,it will strike the opponent turning him ito ashes for 5 seconds.

Kick +3

Speed +3

Jump +4

Power +4

Dash +2


Karlovac is a tribal state in Croatia.It is famous for it's hussars so that's why he looks like one.