Kepler 88B is a character idea by HongKongSoccer.


Kepler 88b is the brother of Kepler 22b and they are the same but the Kepler 88b is blue.

Kepler 22b

Power ShotsEdit

Kepler 88b has no specific power shot he has the power shots of South Korea to Serbia.


Counter Attack Edit

coming six alien craft and sees shine Green and light fires on the field, the Last fire has the ball and burn the enemy for 4 seconds.

Unlock RequirementEdit

Beat him in the Head Cup's final without Dash and Kick or 7.900.000 pay points.


Costume 074

Kepler 88B wears the Zombie Mask Costume. He does not wear the costume in Arcade.


Kepler 88B is the second alien character.

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