Konoha is an adult man, he looks like naruto. Konoha has short spiky yellow hair, light brown skin, medium funny eyes, wide smiling mouth, and three whiskers on his cheek. When the power activated, konoha will transform into light yellow man, all his body will look like a yellow fire and wear a yellow robe.

Power ShotsEdit

Konoha has 2 Power Shots and a Counter Attack.

Rasen Tairengan Shot (Ground Shot)Edit

when the ball touch konoha were its on the ground, he will throw many rasengan to opponent goal. He has 1 ball. When the balls touch the opponent, the opponent will trasnfor become wind and disapear for 5 seconds.

Nine Tails Shot (Air Shot)Edit

When the ball touch konoha on the air, konoha will trasform into yellow nine tails and shoot many dark bomb into opponent goal. He has 3 balls. and if the opponent touch the balls, it will cause heavy explosion.

Rasengan Shot (Counter Attack) Edit

when Konoha counter the opponent's attack, he will hit the opponent goal with small rasengan. He will hit very fast. if the opponent touch the ball, the opponent will explode.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

Beat Nigeria 20 times in Tournament, Head Cup and Survival without Power Shot, Kick and Dash.


Konoha wears hokage's hat, the shape is pyramid and the colours are white and red. it will make a heavy wind explosion every 5 second that make opponents cant be controled like Nigeria's power. ( Power: + 6 Jump: + 3 Kick: + 6 Dash: + 5 )


Konoha is a country in naruto anime created by masashi kishimoto.

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