Flag of Kosovo

The Flag of Kosovo


Appearance Edit

It's created by FranceSwitzerland. Kosovo has green skin with blue eyes. He also has green hair with small ears, big nose, small mouth and big eyes. He also has a green beard and a green mustache.

If Kosovo click on his Power Button, he will transform into a green bush. He throws spiky sticks to the opponent and if he touches it, he is hung up for five seconds. Also, there comes flowers on the ground and if you walk over it, Kosovo attend then very angry and he kill you with a stick.

Power Shots Edit

Kosovo has 2 Power Shots and a Counter Attack.

Bush Shot (Ground Shot)Edit

There comes a lot of Bushes. Kosovo goes by the bushes. There are 4 bushes and you must choose one. If you stay by the right bush then Kosovo push you under the bush and kill you. If you are standing by the false bush, Kosovo runs to the goal and it is a 100% goal.

Fern Shot (Air Shot)Edit

Kosovo has a Watering-Can and he gives the fern water and later its a big fern. Then the Fern shoots 100 seeds to the opponent and there is one green seed and that is the ball.

Moss Shot (Counter Attack)Edit

Kosovo shoots a ball with moss on it to the opponent, and if the opponent touch the ball he is buried under the moss for till there is made a goal.

Costume Edit

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Kosovo wears a Plant Hat. There are a lot of plants on the hat, and if the opponent stay to closed to the hat he will be eaten by the plants and he is gone till there is a goal making. This an SS Rank Costume.

Unlock Requirements Edit

Win the Head Cup without using Power Shot, Kick, Jump and Dash. You can only walk to unlock him. If this is too impossible for you, you must pay him for 9,500,000 Points.

Trivia Edit

  • Kosovo is a country in South Europe. It has borders with Serbia, Albania, Montenegro and Macedonia.
  • In Kosovo are a lot of plants like bushes, ferns and moss. That's the reason of the Power Shots, Counter Attack and Costume.