Appearance Edit

Flag of Kyrgyzstan.svg

Kyrgyzstan's Flag

Kyrgyzstan will have green hair with a crown, a big nose, medium sized ears and a serious expression.

Power Shots Edit

Sphere Shot (Not Damaged Power Shot) Edit

Kyrgyzstan's First Power Shot is the Sphere Shot. He will launch a fire ball at the opponent's net. If he touches the fire ball, he will disappear for three seconds.

Metal Balls Shot (Damaged Power Shot) Edit

Kyrgyzstan has a crown. If the crown is knocked off, he will change his power shot to Metal Balls Shot. Many Metal balls will fly to the net. If the player managed to block them, his head will spin and seeing stars on his head for a few seconds. Then Kyrgyzstan can easily kick the ball into the net.

Counter Attack Edit

He will throw a giant Sphere. If the opponent touches it, he will get squished.

Costume Edit

It's the Torch Costume. It looks like a burning torch and it doesn't do anything special.

Kick +0

Speed +2

Jump +1

Power +0

Dash +1

Unlock Requirements Edit

Win the Amateur League without jump and Power Shot.

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