He is a white skin, green eyes, short blonde hair, blonde mustache,and a serious facial expression man.When his Power Bar is charged, he will be turned into an ancient merchandise, (his costume would be knocked off). He will be able to throw fishes at the player every 8 seconds which can make the opponent dizzy for about 4 seconds.  

Power ShotsEdit

Stand shot (Air shot) Edit

He will yell:"STAND!!!".A medium wooden stand with a yellow and blue striped tent will appear on his side and he will get inside it.Then he will start throwing fishes and various gold items (like gold bars or rubies) at the opponent for 6 seconds.The fishes can make the opponent dizzy for 1 seconds,but the gold bars can make him dizzy for 2 seconds.To counter the Power Shot,the opponent must kick the item that comes the last.Everything that Lebanon throws can score a goal.

Ship shot (Ground shot) Edit

He will yell:"SHIP!".A big ship with white and purple striped sails will appear on his side and he will jump on it.Then it will fast move into the opponent's goal.If the opponent touches it,the ship will explode along with the opponent and Lebanon will jump off of it.When the ship explodes,a lot of ship parts,wood and wooden planks,as well as a lot of goods (like clothing, golden coins and other things) will fly around everywhere (like Croatia's Power Shot).

Fish shot (Counter attack) Edit

He will throw a big fish at the opponent.If the opponent touches the fish,he will explode and disappear for 5 seconds.

Unlock Requirements Edit

Win the 1st place in Head Cup 40 times with 20 characters each.


Ancient Phoenicians lived on the territory of today's Lebanon.They were good salesmen and they were good at shipbuilding,so that's why it's in the Power Shots.
Flag of Lebanon.svg

The flag of Lebanon.

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