Leo in Head Soccer!


He is green with one blue mask.

Power ShotsEdit

Super Katana Shot (Air Shot) Edit


His air Power Shot called the Super Katana Shot. Leonardo goes into the air and the Katana keeps growing until the enemy touches the katana. If the opponent is touched, they disappear for 4 seconds.

Ninja Star Shot (Ground Shot) Edit

Grood power called Ninja star shot. Leonardo go to air and throw 10 star (3 star is the ball) if the opponent touches bewilders for 2 seconds.

Counter Attack Edit

Leonardo's Counter Attack is called Katana Shot. Leonardo throw 2 katana to the opponent if the opponent touches it, he disappears for 3 seconds.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

Win one Head cup without kick, jump, dash or pay 8.200.000 points.


Money costume. It does not do any effect to the opponent.

Kick: +3

Speed: +5

Jump: +1

Power: +2

Dash: +1


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