Appearance Edit

Lesean McCoy is a character that I want in a future update. He has dark skin, short black hair, and is wearing an eagle jersey. When damaged to much, his dash goes to the highest it can get.

Flag Edit

He basicly uses the same flag like USA.

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Power Shots Edit

He has two Power Shots.

Normal Shot Edit

The first one is,he starts to builds a cannon and will shoot four footballs out in different directions, and you have to block 2 of them to block the power.

Damaged Shot Edit

The second is, after he takes enough damage, he gets mad, and his second power is, that he turns into a giant, and runs it into the goal, and if you block it, you are turned into a football.

Counter Attack Edit

He will throw a gigantic football at the opponent's goal.It will crush the opponent to pices for 5 seconds.

Costume Edit

He wears the American football helmet.

Costume 060

The costume he wears.

Unlock Requirements Edit

Win Head Cup with two different players without using jump or pay 10,000,000 Points.

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