Flag Edit

Flag of Liechtenstein

Appearance Edit


It's created by FranceSwitzerland. Liechtenstein has a small face with small eyes and small ears. He has green eyes and brown hair. His nose and mouth are small too.

If you click on the Power Button of Liechtenstein he transforms into a alpinist. He throw snowballs to the opponent that make him/her unconscious. Also he push the opponent back with ice. The alps appear in the game play background when Liechtenstein utilizes his power shot.

Power Shots Edit

Liechtenstein has 2 Power Shots and a Counter Attack.

Snowball shot (Air Shot) Edit

Liechtenstein throws a lot of snowballs. When the opponent touches a snowball, he will become unconscious. 1 snowball is the head of a snowman. In the head of the snowman is the ball in sitting. If the opponent touches the head of the Snowman, he/she will freeze and Liechtenstein can kick the opponent in the goal and can easy score.

Snowman Shot (Ground Shot) Edit

A snowman appears in the middle of the field. The snowman has legs and runs to the opponent. When the opponent don't counter it, he will be smashed away, hard, and the opponent disappears for 5 seconds. Then the ball roll in the goal of the opponent and its a 100% goal. Later the snowman disappear.

Big Snowball Shot (Counter Attack) Edit

Liechtenstein makes a very big snowball and shoots the snowball towards the opponent's goal. The snowball is much bigger than Liechtenstein and his opponent. This is very hard to counter. When the opponent touches the snowball it push him back and will then always go in the opponent's goal.

Costume Edit

C s-0

Liechtenstein is wearing a cap and scarf. Every few seconds the scarf catches the opponent. It is an S rank costume.

The boosts of this costume are:

  • Kick: +1
  • Jump: +5
  • Dash: +3
  • Speed: +1
  • Power: +2

Unlock Requirements Edit

Win against 50 characters in Arcade without dash, Power Shot, jump, or kick or pay 8,000,000 points.

Trivia Edit

  • Liechtenstein is a small country in the middle of Europe. It has borders with Austria and Switzerland.
  • In Liechtenstein there are many mountains with snow, so you can easily make snowballs. That's the reason for the Counter Attack.
  • In Liechtenstein, the temperature is usually cold. This is the reasoning behind Liechtenstein's costume.