Flag of Lithuania

The Flag of Lithuania


Appearance Edit

It's created by FranceSwitzerland. Lithuania has blond hair with a scarred face. He has blue eyes. His nose is big and his mouth is small. His ears are big too.

If you click on the Power Button, Lithuania will transform into a ghost, then you can control him, and he will fly.

Power Shots Edit

Lithuania has 2 Power Shots and 1 Counter Attack.

Ghost shot (Air shot) Edit

Lithuania's Air Shot is called Ghost Shot. There appears more ghosts and the stadium transforms into a graveyard. All the ghost have another color. One ghost has the ball in him. All time the ball is in another color ghost. You can know which ghost has the ball, because the ghost with the ball fly faster. All the ghost fly to the opponent, one to one. If the opponent touch the ghost he transforms into a grave with R.I.P. on the top of the grave.

Mansion shot (Ground shot) Edit

Lithuania's ground Shot is called Mansion Shot. The stadium transforms into a dark mansion. The ghost flies above his goal. He transform the ball in three balls. One ball is real the other two are fake. He shoots the balls to the opponent. If the opponent touch the ball he transforms again in a grave.

Light Shot (Counter Attack) Edit

Lithuania's Counter Attack is called Light Shot. The Stadium transform again in a mansion. In the middle of the room there hangs a Lamp. The lamp blinks on and out. If the lamp is out you can see nothing. The ghost Lithuania throws the ball to the opponent's goal.

Costume Edit

Lithuania wears a ghost hat. At the moment he fires ghosts on the opponent. If the opponent touch the ghost he can't move for 6 seconds.

Unlock Requirements Edit

Win the Amateur League without using Jump and Power Shot or pay 6.000.000 points.

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