Macau is an idea for Head Soccer




Macau looks like a person from his own country. Should look similar to Hong Kong.

Power ShotsEdit

Air Power Shot-Gambling masterEdit

Macau's Air shot is called "Gambling Master". A huge casino erupts from the ground. A dice with the ball appears, spins on the ground and charges towards the opponent on ground level; then a card appears which also has a ball, swishes in the air and charges towards the head of the opponment; finally during the time when the dice appears, a slot matching machine appears in the background in the centre of the field and stops spinning after the card charges towards the opponent, and the machine explodes sending another ball charging to the opponent. The elevation of the ball is decided upon the results of the slot machine: If it doesn't match, it makes the ball charge at ground level; three cherries and the ball charges at the opponent's head; and 777 makes the ball charge above the opponent's head (much like the same height as Pluto's shot). When the opponent touches the last ball, it explodes in casino disks and dissapears for 4 seconds, the casino in the background dissapears and Macau can collect these casino disks and each worths 15 bonus points (like Ireland's rainbow shot).

Ground Power Shot-Take-off ShotEdit

Macau's ground shot is called "Take-off Shot". A large plane appears in Macau's goal, and charges towards the opponent's goal. The ball is in the nose of the plane, same with the height of Pluto's air shot. If the opponent touches the ball he disappears for five seconds. The plane's remains will appear for two seconds as well.

Counter Attack-Landing Shot Edit

Macau's counter attack is called "Landing Shot". A plane (With a Casino sign in the plane's body) will be in the air above Macau, and it will land towards the goal in any angle at fast speed, depending on how far the opponent's goal is. The ball is located in the area above the nose. If the opponent hits the ball, he will disappear for four seconds. The plane's remains will remain for two seconds as well.

Unlock Requirements Edit

Win Major League without Jump or Kick or pay 5,800,000 points.


Macau's costume is called "Mud Costume". Every five seconds he shoots mud. If the opponent touches it, he is stuck and cannot move, or jump, but allowed to use his powershot or kick. If the opponent doesn't touch it, then there is mud on the area it landed for five seconds. This is an SS rank costume.


Jump: +3

Kick: +5

Dash: +3

Power: +2

Speed: +3


This idea was added because Hong Kong was added as a character in the game.

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