Skin like Hong Kong's, brown hair, black iris, big eyes, big nose and a serious face expression. When his powerbar is charged,he will turn into a casino player and he will throw a poker chip at the opponent every 5 seconds which will knock the opponent out for 3-4 seconds.

Power ShotsEdit

Poker Chips Shot (Ground Shot) Edit

He will yell:"POKER!!!".Then,a lot of big poker chips will roll down into the opponent's goal.As they move they hurt the opponent when touching him.Then,a poker chip that has the ball will arrive and if the opponent touches it,he will get squished (like Asura's powershot) for 6-7 seconds giving Macau a chance to score.The one that has the ball is blue,and all the other ones are,yellow,green or red.

Poker Dice Shot (Air Shot) Edit

He will yell:"My Turn!!!".He will jump up high into the air and crush down a big poker dice.Each time,there will appear a diffrent number of spots from 1-6 on the front of the dice.Then,depending on the number of the spots (5,for example),he will throw that much poker chips (that spin around) at the opponent.All of them can make him explode (for 6 seconds),but only one can score a goal (the red one,the rest of them are green).

9 Poker Chips Shot (Counter Attack) Edit

He will yell:"ALL IN!!!".Then he will throw 3 poker chips while he is on the ground,3 more while he's up in the air and 3 more while he is falling on the ground.Each time,there is one red chip and the other 2 are green.If the opponent touches all 3 red ones,he will get sliced into pieces for 6 seconds.

Unlock Requirements Edit

Reach stage 500 in Survival or Unlock x (that means the devloper will decide how much) Points.


It is the triple cannon costume.It looks like a black helmet with 3 barrels on it's front.There are two barrels on the bottom and one barrel on the top.Every barrel has a diffrent effect.The bottom left barrel shoots out black holes wich can give the opponent Netherland's powershot effect.The bottom right barrel shoots out lightning balls that can give the opponent New Zelande's electricity effect.The top barrel shoots out ice balls like Poland's (without the ice spikes) wich can give the opponent Russia's powershot effect.Each of these effects lesses for about 5 seconds.

  • Speed: +4
  • Kick: +4
  • Jump: +3
  • Dash: +2
  • Power: +3

See also:Triple cannon


  • Macau,is very famous for it's casinos,so that's why poker is in the powershots and the counter attack.
  • My turn and all in are some of the words that you can hear in casinos while playing poker so that's why Macau yells it.

    The flag of Macau.

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