Flag of Macedonia.svg

The flag of Macedonia

Appearance Edit

It's created by FranceSwitzerland. Macedonia will have a small smiling face with blond hair, small blue eyes, big ears, small mouth and a very small nose.

If you click on the power button, Macedonia transforms into a monk.

Power Shots Edit

Macedonia has two Power Shots and one Counter Attack.

Monastery Shot (Air Shot) Edit

Macedonia's Air Shot is called Monastery shot. A giant Monastery appears on the side of Macedonia. The monastery have two windows and one door. The door opens and Macedonia walks into the monastery. Then the door closes. 1 second later the two windows open with two guns out. The guns fires at the opponent. After the guns the door opens and a fired ball flies to the opponent. If the opponent touches this ball he is a skeleton for 3 seconds. Macedonia walks out the door and the Monastery disappear.

Church Shot (Ground Shot) Edit

Macedonia's Ground Shot is called Church Shot. A giant Church with a rooster on the church tower appears. Now Macedonia walks in the church through the front door. Then it starts to rain. 2 seconds later a lightning stock hits the rooster on the top of the church. The lightning goes to the opponent. The ball is in the lightning. If the opponent doesn't counter the lightning he is ashes for 4 seconds. Macedonia walks out the church and the church disappear.

Skiing Shot (Counter Attack) Edit

A Mountain appears and jump on the top of the mountain. Macedonia steps on the skies and skies to the bottom. Macedonia has the ball. If you don't click on kick if Macedonia reach you are under the skies and it is a 100% goal.

Costume Edit

Macedonia wears a mine hat. At the 3 seconds there comes a mine out the hat. If the opponent walks across the mine he will explode and he will dissapeared for 3 seconds. This is a SS rank Costume.

Unlock Requirements Edit

Win in Arcade against 50 characters a Sudden Death or you must pay him for 8,000,000 points.

Trivia Edit

  • Macedonia is a country in the south of Europe. It has borders with Serbia, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Albania and Greece.
  • You can find a lot Monastery's and Churches in Macedonia and that's the reason of the Ground Shot and Air Shot.
  • Also you can ski good in Macedonia and that's the reason of the Counter Attack.

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