He has brown skin, blond hair and an curious expression 

Flag of Madagascar.svg

Power ShotsEdit

When he activates his Power Button, the stadium will be a rainforest, both, some butterflies go to hit the opponent.

Air Power Shot: Lemur shot Edit

A lot of lezers (many species) came and attack the opponent, later they will throw far the opponent

Ground Power Shot: Baobab shot Edit

A huge baobab grows under the opponent and he will go to the air (like Saudi arabia's powers)

Counter Attack: Chameleon shot Edit

A giant chameleon come and throw very, very fast the ball to the opponent' goal from its tongue.

Unlock requirementsEdit

Win the 1st place in Major league without Jump ,Kick and Dash.


He wears an ecologist cap.


  • His powers represent some of the Madagascar's nature.