Madagascar is character idea by Fire mummy. He is 5 stars
Flag of Madagascar (bordered)1

Flag of Madagascar

opponent in Arcade.


Madagascar has dark skin, normal nose, normal ears and big smiling mouth. When you click Power button stadium transforms into jungle. Also Madagascar throws coconuts on the opponent. If he hits you, you get dizzy for 4 seconds.

Power ShotsEdit

He has Air Shot, Ground Shot and Counter Attack.

Palms Shot (Air Shot) Edit

5 high palms appears and coconuts falls from palms. If they hit you, you get dizzy for 4 seconds. Then monkey jump on one palm and throws 3 bananas one by one. All bananas contains ball. If you avoided coconuts and block bananas, you will disappear for 7 seconds.

Chameleon Shot (Ground Shot) Edit

Chameleon appears on center of the stadium. Then it becomes invisible. It will try to send ball three times into opponent's goal with his tonuge. It is very hard for block because you don't know where is chameleon. If you block his tonuge 3rd time he will eat you and you will appear after 5 seconds. To block this shot your jump must be upgraded on half.

Baobab Shot (Counter Attack) Edit

Giant baobab appears on Madagascar's side. Then Madagascar makes tunnel of baobab and one car rides through that tunnel. To avoid car you must have upgraded jump on half . If car hits you it will squash you like Asura's power. Then baobab falls and if you don't block it, it is goal for Madagascar 100% because ball is in baobab's treetop and when baobab falls treetop is very close to your goal.

Unlock Requirements Edit

Win 1st place in Tournament with all characters or pay 6 100 000 points.


Madagascar wears helicopter costume.


KICK: +3

JUMP: +8

DASH: +1



Madagascar is the biggest island of Africa.

In Madagascar there is a lot of wood and jungle.

Baobabs can be very fat and people makes tunnel of baobabs.