Flag of Mali.svg

The Flag of Mali


It's created by FranceSwitzerland. Mali will have black hair with brown skin and a tired face. He have also a small mouth, a small nose, big blue eyes and small ears.

When you click on his Power Button he will transform in a desert men. He makes sand and throw it to the opponent what make him flat under the sand for 3 seconds.

Power ShotsEdit

Mali has 2 Power Shots and a Counter Attack.

Oasis Shot (Ground Shot)Edit

On the side of Mali comes an Oasis. The opponent will get sucked to the oasis. When he is totally sucked, he will go to the oasis and jump in the water and he is then dissappeared for 5 seconds. When he comes back on the field he will have a big smile on his face. Mali is sitting in a palm tree and later the palm tree shoots the ball under leaves to the opponent. When the opponent touches the under leaves sitting ball he will under the leaves for 5 seconds.

Timbuktu Shot (Air Shot)Edit

On the side of Mali the big palace of Timbuktu will appear and Mali goes in it. Mali shoot out all the holes balls, one is the ball the others are fake and push you back. When you touch the real ball Mali bring you in the big palace of Timbuktu and the opponent is then disappeared for 5 seconds. This is very hard, because you don't know what is the real ball and the most time when you see the real ball, you will get pushed back by a other ball.

Fata Morgana Shot (Counter Attack)Edit

There comes a Fata Morgana and the opponent will get sucked to it. Then the palm tree shoot again the ball to the goal. But now when the opponent get sucked to it, it's fake. When the opponent touches the ball there happens the same.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

Win the Minor League without Counter Attacks.


Mali wears an Arrow Hat. It's a hat with an arrow on it. The arrow shoot the whole time sticks to the opponent and when the opponent touch 5 sticks he is death for 3 seconds. It's a SS Rank Costume.


  • Mali is a country in North West Africa. It has borders with Senegal, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Niger and Algeria.
  • There are a lot deserts in Mali that's why there are some desert things in the Power Shot and Counter Attack.
  • The famous city Timbuktu lies in Mali that's why that is in the Air Shot.

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