Mushroom Kingdom

The Flag of Mario (Mushroom Kingdom)

Mario is a character from the Mushroom Kingdom and he is an Italian plumber, and he is the main character from the Mario franchise. He has two Power Shots and a Counter Attack. Three star opponent.

Costume Edit

None until power up (disappears after power shot ends)

Power shots Edit

Potato and Tomato shot (Air Shot) Edit

Power shot used in the air, Mario's hat appears on his head( adds five points to jump while power up is being used ) and the opponent instantly turns into a goomba ( the famous brown mushroom enemy in all Mario games ) the opponent can only move forward and backwards( so no jumping ) but can kick and dash while Mario takes two tries to jump on you if he succeeds you will be flattened like asuras fist then finally the ball shoots from a pipe on the top of Mario's goal.

Fire-orb shot (Ground Shot) Edit

Power shot used on the ground you shoot three orange fire-orbs that keep leaping up and down simultaneously( at the same time ), one of them contains the ball( the darker one ) each doing double damage if touched.

Bowser shot (Counter Attack) Edit

You do a super jump as high as the goal and bowser speeds under you while holding princess peach mid way his castle replaces your goal and he throws her in, (princess peach represents the ball) if you block it you will be caged up in the air for two seconds leaving the ball to be kicked in freely by Mario.

Unlock Requirements Edit

Win tourament mode win without hurt and kick