Micronesia created by Awy99

Micronesia's Flag

Micronesia's Flag


Micronesia has long brown curly hair, dark brown skin, he has medium black eye his left eye was covered by pirate eye cover, he has medium angry mouth, medium ears with many earings, and medium nose. When he damaged, the pirate eye cover fall off.

Power ShotsEdit

He has 2 Power Shots and a Counter Attack.

Fish's Bone Shot (Before Damaged)Edit

He will hold a fish bone and he will throw it to the opponent's goal many times, he has 3 balls. if the opponent touches the ball the opponent will dead for 5 secs.

Pirate's Parrot Shot (After Damaged) Edit

A parrot will apear and the parrot will eat many seeds. after the parrot's mouth full of seeds the parrot will shot them to the opponent's goal. the parrots will flying upward backward downward randomly when shot the seeds. If the opponent touch the balls the parrot will bring the opponent out of the screen for 8 seconds.

Pirate Ships Shot (Counter Attack) Edit

Many Ships will go to the opponent's goal and the last ship have a ball inside. If the opponent touch the ball, the opponent will crushed for 6 secs.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

Reach Stage 210 without Power Shot and kick in the Survival mode or unlock for 13,130,130.


He wear a pirate hat. its A rank costume and the price is 390,000 ( all +4 ).

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