He has White skin, black air, black mustache, black beard, brown eyes and a disgustful looking face expression.

When his powerbar is charged, he will turn into a medieval war general and with a musktet. He will shoot out of the musket when he presses power, wich will give the opponent Hong Kong's air powershot effect for 5 seconds, but then, Moldova will use his sword every 9 seconds (melee range) wich will hurt the opponent.

Power ShotsEdit

Bowmen shot (Air shot) Edit

A big castle with 3 towers will appear on Moldova's side of the field and he will jump into the highest one (the one in the middile,the other two are also a bit lower and each tower has a loophole). Then, two bowmen will appear on the other two towers and start shooting arrows at the opponent with their crossbows. They will fire 8-10 bows at the opponent and his goal. 4 of them are blinking red and those one will make give the opponent Hong Kong's air shot effect. The other bows only hurt the opponent.

Castle Artillery Shot (Ground Shot) Edit

The castle will appear again and Moldova will jump in the middile tower, bUt this time, there will be 2 knights in each of two lower towers and a knight in the loophole with a musket (they appear once Molodva gets on the tower). One knight in each of two lower towers always has a cannon and. The second one on the right tower has weapons like swords and axes and the other one from the left side has a crossbow. Then, Moldova will yell:"FIREEEE!!!" and everyone will start firing, bows, cannonballs, swords, axes and bullets into the opponent's goal. The knights in the loopholes fire bullets and tho ones on the towers fire everything else. Each item can hurt the opponent (sometimes even puush him into his own goal). The knights with cannons will fire for cannonballs at the opponent's goal (along with everything else). The first 3 will make the opponent dizzy and the last red one, will make him explode for 6-7 seconds.

Knight Shot (Counter Attack) Edit

The castle will appear again, it's doors will open and a knight will run into the opponent's goal. When the knight gets in front of the opponent, the knight will slash the opponent with his sword into his own goal (the opponent will have Hong Kong's nunchak effect) for 5-6 seconds and then the knight will run into the opponent's goal, wich will cause Moldova to score a goal.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

Win the 1st place in Amateur league with 50 powershots or more.


It's a fish costume. It will slap the opponent every 5 seconds wich will make him dizzy for 3 seconds. It's an S Rank Costume.

Kick: +1

Speed: +2

Jump: +2

Power: +3

Dash: +2


  • There are a lot of old castles in Molodva, and that's the reason of the whole idea.
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    The flag of Moldova.