Appearance Edit

He will have somewhat dark skin, short black hair and medium sized nose.

Powers: Edit

Mongolia will have two Power Shots.

First Power Shot: This power will only be activated when he standing on the ground. A black horse will appear with mongolia`s character on, running over the football field. Mongolia will shot three waves with three arrows. The first wave will just push the player back, while wave two will have the same effect as Cameroons attack. Wave three has the same effect as Brazils attack. One of the arrows in every wave will contain the ball.

Second Power Shot: This power will only be activated when he is in the air. It works a bit like UK`s attack. Three copies of mongolia`s character will appear, shooting a rain of arrows up in the air that will fall down on the player. One of the copies will then shot a arrow straight into the goal which contains the ball.

Counter Attack: A horde of golden mongol warriors is running over the field, turning everything they touch into ice. There will be a golden horse too, carrying the ball. This is a reference to the Golden Horde which was a part of Mongol Terror.

Flag: The flag is blue with a with a white symbol.

Unlock: To unlock you need defeat every character two times in a tournament final or pay six million points.
Flag of Mongolia.svg

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