Mongolia is an idea by TopDawg23.

Appearance Edit

He has a dark coloured face, medium eyes, an angry look, and a nose like Mexico's. He is a 4 1/2 star in arcade. he has a great powershot.

Power ShotEdit

Archer Shot (Air Shot) Edit

When he activates his shot, not using it, Mongolia gets a helmet similar too a Genghis Khan Hat.When used: Arrows get fired every where dealing hat knocking damage. The ball is launched in the midst of the arrows with a slight delay and when used at air it acts like Canada's move. If the shot is blocked ,not countered, the defender will not be able to move and be pushed in his goal by arrows in him.

Horse Shot (Ground Shot) Edit

He will ride a horse into the opponent's goal. When he gets cloes enough to the opponent,he will throw a spear into his goal,and make the opponent explode and disappear for 6 seconds, if he touches the spear.

Gigantic Arrow Shot (Counter Attack) Edit

Mongolia's counter attack is a gigantic Arrow that makes the opponent explode and disappear for 5 seconds if he touches it.

Costume Edit

It's a horse seat costume.Every 6 seconds,it will boost the character that wears it up to 5% and slow down the opponent by -4%.

Kick: +1

Speed: +7

Jump: +1

Power: +1

Dash: +3

Unlocking RequirementsEdit

Win every game of a Head Cup in sudden death.