Mongolia is character idea by Fire mummy. He is 5 stars opponent in Arcade.


Flag of the People's Republic of Mongolia (1940-1992).svg

Mongolia's Flag

He looks like typical Mongol from Mongol Empire. He has black hair, one plait, big nose, small mouth and normal ears. When you click Power button he transforms into Attila. Attila was the most famous ruler of Huns (Huns are from Mongolia). Also he has a whip because his nickname was God's whip. If he hits you with whip you are in unconscious for 3 seconds.

Power ShotsEdit

Mongolia has Air shot, Ground shot and Counter Attack.

God's whip shot (Air shot) Edit

Burning Mongolian God appears similar to Czech. He has burning whip. He will try to hit you with whip 3 times. If he hited you, you are in ununconscious for 5 seconds and your controls are changed. Then Attila run from his goal on horse with whip and with ball. If you avoided Burning God and block horse first he will hit you with the whip 10 times. Then he will put you on horse and horse will run away with you. You will apear after 8 seconds.

Devil's horseman shot (Ground shot) Edit

Now Mongolia transforms in Ogedei (Mongolian emperor). He will whistle and 2 Devils will come on horses slowly. They will send fire to you like India's Ground shot. When you are burnt it will be goal for Mongolia 100% because in that momment you doesn't exist and horse can enter into your goal without blocking. But if you avoided Devils and if you blocked horse you will disappear for 8 seconds.

Devil's horse shot (Counter Attack) Edit

Mongolia transforms into Ogedei again. He rideas horse and run to opponent's goal. Horse has red eyes and when he goes close to opponet he breathes fire and turn opponet into ash. If you are burnt it is goal for Mongolia 100% because horse can run into goal without blocking. If you avoid the fire and block the horse you will disappear for 8 seconds.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

Win all characters in Arcade with 20 characters or pay 9 500 000 points.


He wears Mega punch costume. Every 5 seconds spring send giant punch in air. If you are standing on the same place it will squash you like Asura's Power. This is SS Rank costume.



  • Huns are from Mongolia. Empire of Huns and Mongolian Empire aren't same Empire. Attila was ruler of Huns and Ogedei of Mongols.
  • Ogedei's army is called Devil's horsemen. That is the reason of Ground shot and Counter Attack.
  • Attila's nickname was God's whip. That is the reason of Air shot.

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