Montenegro 2 is a character idea by Aca soccer. He is a 5 star opponent in Arcade. He also wears SS Rank costume with an effect.

Appearance Edit

2000px-Flag of Montenegro.svg

The Flag of Montenegro

Montenegro 2 is bald and has friendly face. He has small smile mouth, small nose, small ears and big brown eyes.

When you click power he will explode and looks like he is made of orange stone. He will be very angry,sometimes will scream and throw a stone at opponent.When opponent touches stone it will explode and push him in net.

Power Shots Edit

Rain of stones (Ground Shot)Edit

His air shot is rain of stones. He will become much larger and muscular (he will be made out of stones) .He will scream "STONES!!" and then one hand will be like stone hammer. He will then punch ground and ground will shake.Rain of stones will then fall from sky. If opponent touches stone he will be trapped inside ground for 5 second. After 20-30 stones he will shot a small stone in net. Small stone has ball.

Stone Ball (Ground Shot)Edit

His ground shot is called stone ball.He will turn into giant stone ball and will shake and parts of ball will reject everywhere.If opponent touches stone he will explode.After big stone ball become small it will roll itself in net. That stone has ball.

Cannon Stone (Counter Attack)Edit

His counter attack is cannon stone.He will become big (like in his air shot) and his hand will become like a small cannon.He will fire 5 stones in the net.Second and fourth stone carry the ball.

Costume Edit

Montenegro's costume is lightning catcher. Costume has a big antena and a glass ball.Sometimes a lightning will shot an antena and then a lot of smaller lightning bolts that comes from a lightning ball and will be everywhere around him. If opponent toutch lightning he will get same effect like New Zeland's power. After few seconds lightning bolts will gone and you need to wait for another lightning to shot antena.This is ss ran costume.






Unlock Requirements Edit

Get all achievements versus all characters except Asura and Pluto in arcade of unlock for 6 500 000 points.

This idea was created by Aca soccer and please do not edit this (you can if there is some grammar errors).

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