Flag of Montserrat

Flag of Montserrat

Its created by FranceSwitzerland. He has yellow skin with red eyes. He has a angry face with big mouth and small ears.

If you click on the Power Button, Montserrat transforms into a spirit from a bottle. Montserrat picks up his bottle and throws it to the opponent. At the 3 seconds there comes a new bottle. 

The stadium transforms into Plymouth (The capital of Montserrat)

Power ShotsEdit

Montserrat has 2 Power Shots and a Counter Attack.

Volcano Eruption Shot (Air Shot) Edit

Montserrat's Air Shot is called Volcano Eruption Shot. Montserrat transforms into a normal men and walks across Plymouth. At the background is a volcano. 1 seconds later the volcano erupts, and all the people run out the city to the opponent. The people push the opponent with it. Montserrat doesn't walk and standing in the city. then there comes lava. with a stone brick in front of the lava. The ball is in the stone. And the opponent must kicks the stone to counter the Power Shot. This Power Shot is nearby very hard, because the people push the opponent the whole time with it.

Ghost Town Shot (Ground Shot) Edit

Montserrat's Ground Shot is called Ghost Town Shot. The stadium transforms into Plymouth 2 years later then the Air Shot. Montserrat transforms into a spirit, and he picks up a volcanic stone and throws it to the opponent. If the opponent touches it. There flies another stone with the ball in the goal. The Power Shot is hard to, because the opponent of Montserrat must counter both of the stones.

Spirit Shot (Counter Attack) Edit

Montserrat's Counter Attack is called Spirit Shot. There comes 4 ghost and one ghost is Montserrat. The ghost flies to the opponent. If the opponent touches Montserrat is he a ghost in a bottle for 5 seconds.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

Score a maximum of 10.000 goals.


Montserrat wears a skeleton costume. At the 4 seconds the Skeleton throws a bone to the opponent. This is a SS rank Costume.


  • Montserrat is a small island in the Caribbean Ocean
  • The capital of Montserrat (Plymouth) is in 1995 buried under the lava and is become a Ghost town. That's the reason of the Air, Ground Shot and Counter Attack.
  • There are many rocks at Montserrat. That's the reason of the Ground Shot.