Morocco has black hair, white skin, green eyes, and a serious face expression. He has a scar under his left eye and a graze over his right eye. He has a power advantage (+2). When his power bar is charged he will create a medium green star (like the one on the Morocco flag) for 2 seconds. It will make the opponent dizzy (like Hong Kong) if he is nearby. It will fade away and turn white after 2 seconds. He has a deep and scary voice.

Power ShotsEdit

Imitate Shot (Ground shot) Edit

He will shout "YOU SHALL LOSE!" and then he will teleport away (like Australia), then he will teleport back, but he will turn into any character before him (the character will always be chosen at random). He will be that character for 18 seconds (he can use that character's Power Shot and will use their power shot when his power bar is activated). When 18 seconds are over, he will teleport back on his side of the soccer field (he will turn normal again).

Triple Trouble Shot (Air shot) Edit

He will say:"I AM UNSTOPPABLE!" and then, he will teleport as another character before him again (on his side of the soccer field), but this time he will shoot 3 medium black lasers which can turn the player into ashes for 4 seconds. Then, he will teleport back into himself. The black lasers are very fast (they're a little slower than Spain's).

 ??? (Counter Attack) Edit

He will counter the attack normally, and then he will use any of the special Counter Attacks from characters before him (when he counters the attack, normally he will say :"Ha, ha, ha!!!").

Unlock RequirementsEdit

Win the 1st place in Head Cup by beating Morocco in the final round.Morocco will rarely appear in Head Cup. He appears if a sandstorm starts in the middle of the Head Cup final that will last for 10 seconds(he will only appear if you touch the ball during the sandstorm), or you can unlock him paying 10$ to the developers. Note that the chance the sandstorm will appear in the final round in 1/50.


It is a cannon costume that shoots fireballs (like Sweden's Power Shot). It turns the opponent into ashes for 3 seconds. It shoots fireballs every 5 seconds.

Morocco flag.

Kick +2
Speed +1
Jump +1
Power +5
Dash +2