He has black skin, black eyes, medium nose, medium ears, medium eyes and a serious facial expression. When his power bar is charged,he will have a straw hat and he will turn caoutchouc picker and he will squirt out some caoutchouc out of a bowl at the opponent.If the opponent touches some,he will get all covered in white caoutchouc and he won't be able to move for 5-6 seconds.He will do that every 9.8 seconds.

Power Shots Edit

Caoutchuc Shot (Air Shot) Edit

A big caoutchuc tree will appear on his side and he will jam a knife into it. Then he will pull the knife out and a lot of caoutchuc will start squirting out of it at the opponen's goal for 6 seconds. If, the opponent touches enough caoutchuc, he will get the caoutchuc effect again for 6-7 seconds.

Elephant Shot (Ground Shot) Edit

A big Elephant will appear on his side. Then, the elephant will point at the opponent with his trunk. There comes a lot of water from the elephant's trunk and somewhere, there is the ball. The water can push the opponent into his own goal. If the opponent touches the ball, he'll get kicked into his net and Mozambique will score a goal.

Mozambique Tilapia Shot (Counter Attack) Edit

A big Mozambique Tilapia (a sort of a fish) willl go into the opponent's goal along with some water. if the opponent touches it, he will get eaten for 6.7 seconds.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

Reach SS Rank with 60 Counter Attacks or more.


He wears an iron he
Flag of Mozambique.svg
lmet,tough it doesn't do anything.

Kick +2

Speed +2

Jump +2

Power +1

Dash +2


  • In Mozambique, there are a lot of caoutchuc so that's why it's in the Air Shot.
  • There are elephants in Mozambique so that's why it's in the ground shot.
  • Mozambique Tilapia lives in Mozambique so that's why it's in the Counter Attack.

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