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Myanmar's Flag

Myanmar's Flag


Myanmar has little black hair, medium black eyes, brown skin, a small mouth, a medium nose, and medium ears.

When the powerbar is full he will be covered by dark blue auras and shot a spider string to the opponent every 7 seconds and the opponent will covered by the string for 3 seconds.

Power ShotsEdit

He has 2 power shots and 1 counter attack.

Tarantulas Basketball Shot ( Ground Shot ) Edit

3 Black Tarantulas will apear on the left screen. They will make a medium white balls from the string. Each tarantula has 1 ball. After they made the string ball they will bounce it and go to the opponent's goal. After near the goal they will jump and shot the balls. If the opponent touches the balls, a giant tarantula will lift the opponent to the sky for 6 seconds.

Mother Tarantula Shot ( Air Shot ) Edit

A big black tarantula will apear from the sky and make a big tarantula nest. After that the tarantula will shot many baby tarantulas to the opponent's goal. He has 3 balls and if the opponent touches the ball the opponent will covered by string for 5 seconds.

Tarantula Satay Shot ( Counter Attack ) Edit

He will hold a tarantula satay and he will throw it to the opponent's goal. If the opponet touches the ball, the opponent will get burned and become a dust for 4 seconds.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

Win all the opponent in the arcade with 57 jumps in a single match and 57 kick in single match or unlock for 10,900,000 Points.


He wears a BBQ hat. its A rank costume 300,000 ( speed +3 jump +1 kick +4 power +3 dash +3


  • Tarantula satay can be founded in Myanmar.
  • Myanmar placed in South-East Asia

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