The Nauru character is overweight and has slight disadvantages in Speed, Kick, Jump, Dash and Survival (-1 level) but is extraordinarily sensational at Power (+10 levels).

Costume Edit

His costume is a pair of shoes even though the shoes don't do anything

Power Shots Edit

Candy Shot (Air Shot) Edit

Nauru uses his first power shot if he touch the ball in the air. It is called the candy shot. Hundreds of jellybeans go marching towards the opponent's goal carrying a miniature soccer ball that you can't see. If the opponent touches the ball, he turns into a huge jelly bean and Nauru then eats him.

Belly Shot (Ground Shot) Edit

Nauru uses his second power shot if he is on the ground. It is called the belly shot. The ball falls out of the sky and lands on Nauru's belly. It then bounces into the goals. If the opposition touches the ball, he dies and goes underground. A grave saying R.I.P falls on top of him for 10 seconds (the ball does not rebound of the grave, it goes through it) leaving Nauru a free goal.

Counter Attack Edit

Vomit Shot (Counter Attack) Edit

Nauru's counter attack is called the vomit shot. Nauru vomits everywhere on the pitch and the opponent melts to nothing if standing in the vomit (which is highly likely. The only way for the opponent not to melt is if he is on top of the goals) due to all of Nauru's stomach acid. Nauru is immune to his own acid.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

Win the Head Cup without using kick, dash, jump and Power Shot.

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