He looks like Rambo, but he doesn't have hair. He is also wearing a Soft hat. When his power bar charged he will change to dinosaurs. Dinosaur can eat opponent when opponent comes near.

Power ShotsEdit

When his power bar charged, the field will change to Cretaceous.

Ground shot-Tyrannosaurus shot:The Tyrannosauruses comes to the field and it will crash opponent and another Tyrannosaurus will run to opponent's goal. Somtimes it can kick opponent.

Air shot-dinosaurs bone shot:Dinosaurs' bone will come and hit opponent. When opponent touch it,opponent will change to skeleton. Next, he (Niger) will get the sphere. That's a ball. He will throw sphere to the goal.

Counter attack-Meteor shot:-same with Thailand's air shot-.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

Win the Head Cup with no scar in final round.


Congo mask (speed:+2 kick:+1 jump:+3 dash:+3 power:+2)

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