Noire is a non country that should be added into the game. He is better than Saiyan, Asura, and Mon-K


He looks like an emo, White and black hair, pale skin and black markings round his eyes. he has a glum expression, like if he has given up on life. When he transforms, his skin is black and his eyes are white, one bigger than the other, with a bloodthirsty mouth and has ears instead of hair. the stadium is dark and nobody is in the stands.

Power ShotsEdit

  • Dark Dragon shot (Air)
  • Illusionary shot (Ground)
  • Ectoplasm shot (Counter)

Dark Dragon Shot (Air) Edit

Noire transforms into a white, black and purple dragon with a skull mask. he laughs a little bit and he charges for the goal. If he touches you, you turn into a ghost,for five seconds, allowing the ball to go through you

Illusionary Shot (Ground) Edit

Noire duplicates himself into ten of himself, one of the Noires is white. He contains the ball.all ten Noires charge to the goal and, if the white Noire hits you, you turn into a ghost.

Ectoplasm shot (counter attack) Edit

Noire transforms into a dragon once more and shoots three, green ectoplasm balls. The last one has the ball in it.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

Defeat Impossible Mode


He has a Tornado hat which makes a tornado and attacks you.

+0 kick

+8 jump

+ 1 speed

+2 power

+0 dash


"Noire" means black in French. hencing why Noire has a lot of dark shots

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