White skin, green eyes, big ears,green spiky hair and a calm face expression. When his Power Bar is charged,he will create an earthquake (like Singapore's counter attack,only without the shuriken). It can crush the opponent down into the ground for 3 seconds. His eyes will now be completely green.He will be able to throw green energy bolts (similar to South Korea's only slower) that can hurt the opponent. 

Power ShotsEdit

Pine shot (Ground shot) Edit

He will yell:"PINE SHOT!!!" .Then a big pine tree will appear above him an he will jump on it.Then the pine will go up into the sky along with Norfolk Islands like a rocket.Then,after 5 seconds,the pine will drop down,and Norfolk Islands will jump off of it.When the pine tree drops on the opponent,he will get Devil's Power Shot effect for 5 seconds.Norfolk Islands jumps off very fast off of the pine.

Pine-plane shot (Air shot) Edit

He will yell:"TIMBER!!!".Then,a big pine tree will fly into the opponent's goal from the uper corner of the screen (in the direction of Thailand's ground shot).If the opponent touches it,he will turn into a small pine tree,giving Norfolk Island a chance to score a goal.

Pine-toss shot (Counter attack) Edit

He will throw a small pine tree at the opponent.If he touches it,he will explode (and a lot of pine wood will fly around everywhere).

Unlock Requirements Edit

Win the 1st place in Major league 10 times using 10 different characters each without jump.


It is a cowboy hat with a musket on the top of it.It shoots light blue energy bolts that can hurt and shrink the opponent like Germany's Power Shot.

Kick +2

Speed +4

Jump +3

Power +1

Dash +3


Norfolk Island is an island in Oceania. It is very popular for it's pine trees so that's why they are in the Power Shots.
Flag of Norfolk Island.svg

The flag of Norfolk Island.