He has white skin and a brown hair. He is a five star opponent in the Arcade mode.

St Patrick's saltire.svg-0


Ground Shot (Mole Shot) Edit

He will throw the ball into the groun and a lot of rocks will fly into the opponent's goal hurting him.3 rocks have the ball.

Air Shot (Castle Shot) Edit

A big castle will appear and Northen Ireland will get inside.Then he will fire 3 cannonballs at the opponent wich will make him explode for 5 seconds.

Counter AttackEdit

His Counter Attack is christmas tree shot.He will spin a christmas tree around and a lot of christmas decorations will fly into the opponent's goal.One of them has the ball.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

Must beat Ireland in a Head Cup and get all achievements in Arcade or unlock for (??,000,000 points.)

Costume Edit

He wears a brown old-man-berrete.It does not do anything special.

  • Kick +1
  • Speed +0
  • Jump +2
  • Power +1
  • Dash +0