The flag of Norway.


Has long blond hair, grown eyes, medium nose, medium ears and a beard, just like Thor.

Power ShotsEdit

As the Power Button is activated, Norway turns into Thor (of the comics), with his hammer. Norway can throw his hammer.

Mjolnir Shot (Ground Shot) Edit

Norway throws his hammer into the air and the hammer comes to the opponents goal. As the opponent touches the hammer, the opponent disappearing for 5 seconds.

Super Hammer Shot (Air Shot) Edit

Norway shows his hammer and the hammer throws a lightning. Somewhere on this lightning is the ball. As the opponent touches the ball, the opponent is weaker (kick, jump, speed, power, dash 4-)

Counter Attack Edit

Norway goes (with the hammer) to the opponents goal. As the opponent touches Norway, he disappears for 5 seconds.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

Win the Head Cup with more than 50 goals or unlock him for 5,400,000 points.


Chainsaw hat. Every 10 seconds it will turn on and it will chop the opponent to pieces for 5 seconds.

Speed 4+

Power 5+

Dash 6+

Jump 4+

Kick 3+

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