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Oman's Flag

Oman's Flag


Oman has black hair combed left and right, he has white hair base color, medium closed eyes, brown skin, white and black mustache ( not much ), white and black beard ( not much ), medium nose, medium closed mouth, and 2 big ears. When the powerbar is full he will transform into a sand controler. He will attack the opponent with the sand every 5 seconds.

Power ShotsEdit

He has 2 power shots and 1 counter attack.

Leopard on the Palm Shot ( Ground Shot ) Edit

When Oman touches the ball on the ground a tall palm tree will apear from the ground and he will pull down the tree and he put an Arabian leopard on the tree, after that he will shot the leopard to the opponent's goal. If the opponent touches the ball many leopards will come to the opponent and eat the opponent for 7 seconds.

Leopard Connon Shot ( Air Shot ) Edit

When Oman touch the ball on the air he will make a big cannon from the sand and he will shot 3 leopards with the balls inside to the opponent's goal. If the opponent touches the ball the opponent will explode for 8 seconds.

Surf Leopard Shot ( Counter Attack ) Edit

An arabian leopard will come to the opponent's goal by riding a brown plank and surf on the sand. If the opponent touches the ball a big sand storm will hit the opponent and the opponent will disappear for 6 seconds.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

Win against Egypt in head cup 4 times using Egypt without power shot and jump or unlock for 12,600,000.




Many Arabian leopards can be found in Oman.

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