Pakistan flag

The flag of Pakistan


It's created by FranceSwitzerland. He has Tan skin with a angry face. His mouth and ears are big. His eyes are small and white.

If you click on the power Button, Pakistan transforms into a mountain climber with a stone rake. He hits the opponents at the 3 seconds with his rake.

Power ShotsEdit

Pakistan has 2 Power Shots and 1 Counter Attack.

Mountain Climb Shot (Air Shot) Edit

Pakistan's Air Shot is called Mountain climb shot. The killer mountain (Pakistan's most dangerous mountain) appears and Pakistan climbs on the mountain. On the top Pakistan rake a piece from the mountain. The stone fells on the opponent. Then a storm appears with the ball in the storm. And the ball flies in the opponents goal.

Markhorn Shot (Ground Shot)Edit

Pakistan's Ground Shot is called markhorn Shot. A markhorn appears and the stadium transforms into a top of a mountain. The markhorn picks up a piece of stone and throws it to the opponent. The ball is in the stone sitting.

Snow leopard Shot (Counter Attack) Edit

Pakistan's Counter Attack is called Snow Leopard Shot. A snow leopard with the ball appears on the side of Pakistan. The stadium transforms again in a top of a mountain. 1 second later there comes hunters and will fire at the Snow leopard. The snow leopard runs away to the opponent. If the Snow leopard touches the opponent the opponent is death for 4 seconds.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

Win the Major League without dash and jump.


Pakistan wears a eagle Hat. At the 4 seconds a eagle appears and flies to the opponent and will eat him. This is a SS Rank Costume.


  • Pakistan is a country in middle Asia. It has borders with Iran, Afghanistan and India.
  • There a many mountains in Pakistan. That's the reason of the character
  • There live a lot of Markhorns and Snow leopards in Pakistan. That's the reason of the Ground Shot and Counter attack
  • Snow leopards are threatened in Pakistan. That's the reason of the hunters.