Flag of Panama.svg

Panama's Flag

Panama is the 89th character in head soccer and will be added with Latvia and Pakistan in the 4.4 update.

Appearance Edit

Panama has gray hair, white eyes, small mouth, med nose, med ears. He also has a very med mouth and eyes.

Power Shots Edit

Magnetic Shot (Air Shot)Edit

Panama Air Shot is called "magnetic shot" when activated panama will turn into magneto from Marvel what he does is Panama will shot out this gigantic magnet beam with ashes in it and the opponent have a very gigantic explosion and then panama will take big lambs and squize the opponent with it and then he takes magnetic stuff and throw them at the opponent which will cause them to be gone for 8 seconds.

Magnetic Death Shot (Ground Shot)Edit

Panama Ground shot is called "Magnetic Death Shot" when used panama will take take the opponent up to the sky and put him into the ground and then he will die.

Magneto Shot (Counter Attack)Edit

Panama Counter Attack is called "Magneto Shot" Panama as Magneto wil fly to the opponent and if the opponent touch Magneto he wil disappeared for 4 seconds. After that Panama is free to score.

Costume Edit

Panama wears the magic hat

Costume 061

Panama's Costume

Unlock RequirementsEdit

Win against all Characters in arcade without jump.

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